Quiet In-Line Shower Booster Pumps For Taps and Showers, ECO Shower Pumps for Low Water Pressure

Manufactured in the UK, this shower pump won best water invention 2012 at the Institute of Physics in London and has a UK Patent Granted. It is a new shower pump the size of a golf ball yet does the same job as pumps the size of a football at a fraction of the cost, and will solve your low pressure and flow problem for taps and showers. If your taps and showers have low water pressure or poor flow, forget big noisy power showers, forget expensive changes to your pipe work, and forget the high running costs typical of older power shower pumps or shower boosters. Fitting our shower power booster easy and quick reducing the work a plumber needs to do or for DIY its perfect. It has the lowest running cost, and it is the quietest of any shower pump on the market and gives you a really great refreshing shower. As seen on Dragons Den. 12 hours in Dragons Den studios and 2 hours of grilling by Dragons in the Den and still they get it wrong.

This very quiet efficient shower booster, has won over £35,000 from Universities in recognition of its clever use of science, and has ongoing support from Imperial College London. Our pump sounds different because it is unique. It is only in-line shower booster which can ‘intelligently’ boost yet not impede existing flows, with no risk of cavitation, or burning out when it runs dry, or when it runs against a closed valve. These are all problems we have solved with this invention and our rivals have not. We have fantastic customer feedback and over 1,000 customers who found this amazing new solution a brilliant way to solve to an age old problem – dribbly taps and showers.

We do not advertise, we simply sell by word of mouth and people who stumble across our web site.

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The shower power booster will work with all plumbing systems and is particularily good for boosting gravity hot and/or gravity cold.
The shower power booster works even better if you have gravity hot and mains cold.
The shower power booster will boost the pressure to an electric shower.
The shower power booster will boost individual hot water supply pipes from a combi boiler

Read about systems with gravity hot and cold.
Read about systems with gravity hot and mains cold

Read about how it can boost an electric shower.

Read about how it can boost a combi boiler.

Many customers simply wire the pumps into the lighting system (cut off the plug and wire it in to the lighting rose), so it comes on and off with the lights. Some use a manual on and off switch, or simply plug it into an existing 3 pin plug socket (we provide the plug). A remote control on/off is also available though our shopping cart. We also sell a fully automatic pump which turns on and off when the taps turn on and off. The automatic shower power booster is plug and play at its best and fit and forget at its finest.

Please scroll down to the video on this page but if you look at you own system and need help please contact us or click on the links below:-

Mixed Mains & Gravity Pressure Systems – Worked Example

Shower Power Booster Is so very Small so it can fit where no other pump can fit yet it does the job of pumps x20 bigger.

Shower Power Booster Is so very small that it can fit where no other pump can fit yet it does the job of pumps x20 bigger.

If you are still in doubt, try our shower power booster, and if it fails to please, we will give you a refund but please read on and view our youtube videos. Its designed to last so we give a Three Year Warrantee.

For 90% of customers a single pump on the hot is more than enough to fix problems in gravity systems, a single pump on the cold feed to electric showers is all thats required for most, and the hot feed on a combi boiler will benefit (where a shower or tap is a long way from the boiler). The shower mixer or wrong shower head, a small bore shower hose, can have a dramatic effect on a shower so if you think you have the small bore hose commonly fitted to many showers we recommend that you upgrade these. You may even decide to that you want to try a shower head or hose first before you buy a shower power booster or at the same time as buying:-
Click Here To Buy A Shower Hose Or Shower Head Which We Tested And Know To Be Perfect For Low Pressure.

A single Shower Power Booster can solve low flows or low pressures in every shower and tap in your whole house, or you might want to fit it to improve a single tap or shower for maximum effect. The Shower Power Booster ensures that you always have a substantial amount of water coming out of your taps and that your shower gives a much more powerful flow of water.
 The pump can actually tell whether you are running a bath or a shower to give you the right flow and pressure for a bath, a shower, or a tap. If you turn off the power to a Shower Power Booster the flow will be the same as you had before you fitted it so in a power cut you do not lose water.
To install, all you need to do is simply cut the existing pipe, insert the Shower Power Booster, tighten the compression joints, and plug in the transformer. It truly is as simple as that. Say goodbye to dribbling taps and low power showers in minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions with a great new British Invention. With a traditional power shower you may need to spend £130 just to buy and install an Essex Flange plus may other extras which cost more than a shower power booster complete, but with a shower power booster you will have everything to fit to a 22mm pipe or 15mm pipe included in the price. If you are replacing a big shower pump, or you have 3/4 inch imperial pipes (old houses and southern Ireland), you can order the conversion olives you need. If you fit your new pump using the existing flexi hoses which already connect to your old traditional power shower, we have the right fittings to do this. We have teamed up with Flowflex to not only manufacture and sell our shower power boosters but also let you buy any extras including shower heads and hoses at the lowest price possible.

Look to see if you need any extras before you buy.

Shower Power Boosters Can Be Tailored For Any Situation:-
Single automatic £105 – Best seller for gravity systems and electric showers and mixed systems where the cold mains pressure is not too high.
Single manual pump £75 – gives a lower cost alternative to those on a tight budget
Twin manuals £140 – Best for fortic Tanks and those with very low pressure or with negative head (shower in the loft)
Automatic Balanced Flow Pump on Hot and Cold (BF) – £150 – A solution for those with rain shower, or very low hot and cold
Automatic Double Boost (DB)Two Pumps in Series £150 – Perfect for the customer has very high mains pressure with a mixed system and for shower mixers and for taps requiring high pressure hot.
Single Slave Upgrade Kit £60 – Only for customers who have recently bought a single pump and are unlucky enough to need a second pump to give them Balanced Flow or Double Boost.
Automatic plus Automatic £180 – For those who want the boost hot and cold without turning always turning on a hot tap

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Choose The Right Shower Power Booster For You and our section on Fully Automatic Shower Power Booster              

Fitting A Shower Booster In Gravity Systems.

It is very quiet and flexible connectors to the pump eliminate vibration transfer. The pumps are designed to be fully serviceable by the customer without invalidating the warranty, with low cost spares available into the future. We also sell the shower heads and hoses which scored best in our research at Cranfield University. We constantly evolve this product but new models will use components interchangeable with older models, which allows the customer to update and improve. If any component fails you can easily replace just the component needed yourself and not the whole pump – check the low cost of spare components by clicking the link below or perhaps order a shower head or hose:-

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Details Of 36 Month Warrantee

We give great customer service and we have a great product – see our latest customer reviews on the right hand side of this page.

Buy Now For Gravity Shower & Taps.

Combi Boiler

Click here to see if a shower power booster is right for your electric shower.

Poor Gravity Shower.

Its great for solar thermal and wood burner heating systems and ‘hidro tanks’ in Bolivia.

The shower pump is ‘intelligent’ in that it recognises if you are running a bath, a tap, or a gravity shower,an electric shower, and adjusts its output accordingly. It does the same job as a large power shower with a much smaller and more efficient shower booster pump because it can selectively boost just enough water for a great shower or tap flow – and no more.

In 15 minutes you could transform your dribbly taps to give a good flow and enjoy a refreshing more powerful shower.
Validated in the Oil & Gas laboratories at Cranfield University, Shower Power Booster was awarded a €20,000 cash prize by Imperial College London for Climate-KIC Best Water Innovation 2012.
Its the smart new way to enjoy a good shower, save money, and help the environment by using a pump that uses intelligent physics and not lots of electricity and noise from an Inventor with 30 years experience in water supply, water quality, and water distribution.
For electric shower and combi boilers look at the relevant sections in this web site to see how it can help you however over 12.5 million homes have gravity hot water systems, and one in ten have low pressures. A typical gravity shower needs 1 metre of water to give you the minimum pressure for a gravity shower; we guarantee that this pump will add further 3 metres head to a typical shower after installation giving you 4 times the minimum. As a rough ‘rule of thumb’, the pump will increase the flow by 50% when it doubles the pressure so if you have a shower which has 1 metre head and 3 litres a minute, the flow will be better than double, plus, you will get much more force from the water jets.If the shower is in a basement and you already have 6 metres head, adding 4 metres head with a shower power booster will always improve what you have but the problem is the shower mixer itself. It is well worth checking if your shower or tap is designed for low pressure or is simply a high pressure version.There are thousands of shower mixers and taps which are designed to work on a minimum of one metre head and will always give you a better showering experience than a product rated at 5 metres minimum. The more efficient showers and taps look just as elegant, and are widely available.
Shower Power Booster is eco intelligent giving you a great shower by using half the water of a traditional power shower without using a crazy water restrictor (many manufacturers sell big pumps which use far to much water so they add a restrictor to kill the pressure). If you already have a good shower, well shower power booster can sense that as well, so the pump rests, springing back into action when the pressure falls.
Whilst the shower power booster is perfect for customers with efficient showers and taps, if you have a shower or tap that needs more pressure than our eco pump can give you, you can fit 2 pumps in series.
Fitting Instructions

A few customers may need a pump on the hot and cold pipes, but for most people the cold supply is a decent pressure, or even mains fed, a single Shower Power Booster fitted to the hot pipe can make every tap and shower in your house better. If you are unfortunate enough to need a second pump to boost the hot and the cold supply you can add a pump and upgrade within 3 months of buying your single pump at the same discount price as the multibuy offers on the web site.
Fitting is easy as you do not need to drain the whole system, you simply cut the pipe and install the small quiet pump into your existing pipe. Replacing a noisy water-guzzling power shower could pay for itself many times in a year. An electric shower that drops out when pressure is low no longer runs hot and cold. Not only will you save money, but you could also be doing your bit in saving water and saving energy.
And finally – when you buy our pump, our commitment to you the customer does not end there. We will not duck and dive to avoid warrantees. Should you need spare parts, these will always be available at low cost. Shower Power Booster is designed to be fully serviceable based on interchangeable components. Click on this link check out the cost of spare parts for the Shower Power Booster and perhaps improve your shower head or shower hoses Click here for ShowerHeads&Hoses

A Shower Power Booster will increase the pressure in any pipe a shower power booster is fitted to. It works if you have a positive or negative head. We even have a radiator booster which will improve your central heating system, so a radiator which is cold on a dead leg will always run hot at the flick of a switch or fully automatically when another radiator heats up.

Buy radiator booster now
As we bring out new models, the components will be compatible with old models, and you will be upgrade from an old model to a new model by simply screwing out an old component and screwing in a new. See how easy it is to service our pumps.

Awards and support received from:-
Imperial College London €20,000 European Institute Of Innovation and Technology Funding
Cranfield University EEDA Funding
University of East Anglia – £4,000 Norfolk Knowledge Award
Hethel Engineering European Regional Development Fund
Norwich Enterprise Centre ERDF Low Carbon Economic Growth Fund
Websanity Ltd for Shopping Cart and Website Support
Anglian Electronics Ltd providing our electronic circuit boards
Flowflex Components Ltd – Manufacturing and Joint Development

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