Quiet In-Line Power Boost Shower Pump For Taps and Showers Solves Low Water Pressure: Dragons Den

The very quiet retrofit in-line Shower Power Booster power-boosts taps and showers with poor flow and low pressure. It increases and regulates pressure without the major changes to your plumbing needed for a traditional power shower and is great for gravity systems, electric showers, combi-boilers, and other pressurised systems, central heating radiators, boreholes, and solar thermal tanks. It is exported to five continents worldwide, seen on Dragons Den, Patent Granted in the UK, WRAS Approved, invented by Alan Wright BSc(Hons) CEng MICE.

• ShowerPowerBooster has achieved a fantastic 95% customer satisfaction
You can get a better shower AND save money.
• SPB is suitable for any pressurised or gravity system, including central heating systems
• SPB provides a quiet, more efficient shower.

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Science & Technical Reasons That Makes Shower Power Boosters Work.
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How to Boost Hot and/or Cold To Gravity Showers or Taps using SPB.
Boosting Pressure to an Electric Shower or from a Combi Boiler
Boosting Radiators and Central Heating , Solar Thermal Systems, and Other
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A Shower Power Booster will improve any shower with a pressure-related problem. Whether you have a gravity fed shower, an electric shower, or a combi-boiler shower, your shower may be greatly improved simply by changing your showerhead and hose. The brand ethos is to give you the best solution, and if that solution is simply to change the showerhead and hose rather than fit a pump, we would like to sell you the best showerheads and hoses to achieve this. If you want to try a showerhead or hose first, and want a low cost showerhead or hose guaranteed to maximise the performance of your shower

Just buy a shower head or hose.

Improve your poor tap flow or pathetic dribbly showers, the Shower Power Booster pump is the size of a golf ball which does the same job as power showers the size of a football. This invention was awarded Best Water Innovation by Imperial College London at the Institute of Physics in London 2012, and solves your low pressure and flow problem permanently. Over 6,000 people have enjoyed the benefit of the Shower Power Booster since December 2013. We have 95% customer satisfaction (see our many reviews). The ease and safety of the electrical installation means that you or your plumber should not need you to pay for an electrician.

A single pump can improve every tap and shower in a home, or fitted to a single tap or shower it prevents the temperature fluctuation you sometimes get when other taps are used in a home. SPB is a new concept in plumbing (there really is nothing else that comes close to it). It is British, with a UK patent granted. It can legally be fitted to either mains supplies or gravity supplies, does not impede existing flows when turned off (it fails safe), has no risk of cavitation, or burning out when it runs dry, or when it runs against a closed valve. If you turn the pump off, you still get the same flow you would have got before fitting the pump. These are all problems which we have solved with this invention and our rivals have not.

The SPB is future-proofed and can be replaced and repaired by the customer, or upgraded as new models come along, by simply screwing out the old motor or barrel and screwing in a replacement. Spare pump motors are sold for £15. No need to buy a new pump every 2 to 3 years!

In March 2014 we received a grant from the EU to visit India under a scheme to take energy-saving technologies to improve the life of millions. To those we met in India I would like to assure you we will be back.

For those that used to advise me to go on Dragons Den and please read the reality of appearing on the programme.

12 hours in Dragons Den studios and 2 hours of grilling by Dragons in the Den and still they get it wrong.

Dear Duncan Bannatyne, Deborah Meeden, Peter Jones, Piers Linney, and Kelly Hoppen,

A quote from the past for you:

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex.It takes a lot of genius and lots of courage to move in an opposite direction.

Albert Einstein – Scientist (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) Albert Einstein 

Awards and support received from:-
Imperial College London €40,000 European Institute Of Innovation and Technology Funding
University of East Anglia – £4,000 Norfolk Knowledge Award
Hethel Engineering European Regional Development Fund
Norwich Enterprise Centre ERDF Low Carbon Economic Growth Fund
Websanity Ltd for Shopping Cart and Website Support
Anglian Electronics Ltd providing our electronic circuit boards
Flowflex Components Ltd – Manufacturing and Joint Development