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The WRightChoice ShowerPowerBooster Shower Pump boosts water pressure and flow and is the quietest of in-line Shower Pumps. It is a retrofit regulating in-line shower pump which gives a simple solution and boosts the power, pressure, and flow of taps and showers without major changes to your plumbing for a low cost permanent solution. In gravity systems it typically quadruples the pressure and doubles the flow of an upstairs shower, it stops electric showers dropping out, it boosts combi-boilers, megaflows, central heating radiators, boreholes, and solar thermal. In recognition of its innovative use of water, it was awarded Best Water Innovation by Imperial College London at the Institute of Physics in 2012.

The pump increases the pressure and force of the shower without being big and noisy. Reliability is second to none, made in the UK, it has WRAS approval, it has a 3 year warranty with a life expectancy of over 5 years, and is a true revolution in pumping efficiencies. This amazingly quiet pump is a new invention and uses unique patented technology, with patents granted in the UK and Australia, to work its magic in 1,000’s of homes worldwide where it provides invigorating showers with plenty of water to wash the suds away and much more.

It’s also an environmentally friendly device, which whilst limiting the flow to 8 litres a minute to save you money, it does not compromise on the luxury of a wonderful shower. The technology it uses gives you a improved shower or tap flow with a simple plug and play solution (no electrician required). It is the only pump which can operate on the hot side of a combi boiler, and it re-prioritise the water’s choice of whether to flow to a shower or tap so any shower can remain delivering a good shower even when others run a tap elsewhere in the home.

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How can a pump 1/20th the size of a traditional shower pump do the same job?

It is the science & technology behind this unique invention which makes ShowerPowerBooster the best in global shower power booster innovation and the WRight solution. With so many positive customer testimonials you can be confident that if you have a pressure problem it can solve your problem. It is reliable and robust and in the very unlikely event it fails within 3 years of purchase we deliver a replacement part or if it cannot be repaired we will send a replacement pump to your home so you can switch pumps over. Only after this we collect the original pump from your home. We can do this because with so few failures we have confidence that pump failure is unlikely.

The invention is a pump which creates discrete pressure cells either side of a non-return valve which is fundamental to its efficiency, but it is so much more that that.


We have hundreds of positive testimonials for this truly amazing invention.

How can a small pump do the same thing as bigger pumps? 12 watts vs 350 watts or even 650 watts. The consumer often believes that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but I get positive feedback from customers every week.

I recently purchased from you a model SPB02 Shower Power Booster which I came across by accident on the Internet. A friend installed this for me over the weekend and I’m writing to say how very pleased I am with your product. The flow at a quite small showerhead increased from 4 L per minute (the cold water tank is situated just above the shower cubicle about half a metre above the ceiling joists) to 6 L per minute – an increase of 50%! This improved the showering experience from passable to p…
Brian Betts


Finding a plumber



For some customers the right plumber is you. We have designed the pumps for easy DIY and you should have everything in the box to do the job (the record claimed by a 85 year old man in Norfolk is 8 minutes to fit a pump).

Expect a fitting charge between £45 and £75, but more if valves are not turning off properly. There may be time involved in getting a power supply as well, but do not forget low voltage extension leads can get you to an existing 3-pin power socket.



Boost Water Pressure and Flow With The Quietest Of In-Line Shower Pumps 13th June 2015