Quiet In-Line Shower Pump For Taps and Showers, ECO Power Shower pump for Low Water Pressure: Dragons Den

This very quiet and unique retrofit in-line shower booster boosts poor taps and showers with low pressure by increasing and regulating pressure without the major changes to your plumbing needed for a power shower. Invented by Alan Wright BSc(Hons) CEng MICE and sold in five Continents worldwide for gravity systems, electric showers, combi boilers, central heating radiators, bore hole water, and solar thermal.

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Transform your poor tap flow or pathetic dribbly showers with a pump the size of a golf ball which does the same job as power showers the size of a football.

How to Get The Best From Your Gravity Shower, Electric Shower, Or Combi Boiler

A Shower Power Booster will improve any shower if the problem is pressure related but whether you have a gravity shower, an electric shower, or a combi boiler shower, your shower may be greatly improved just by changing your shower head and hose. You will save on postage if you buy shower heads and hoses at the same time as buying a shower power booster (and a shower power booster is always going to be be better than just changing a shower head or hose), but if you want to try a shower head or hose first and want a low cost shower head or hose gauaranteed to maximise the performance of your shower visit Just Shower Heads and Hoses and buy from this site.

A single pump can improve every tap and shower in a home or a single tap or shower. SPB is a new concept in plumbing (there really is nothing else that comes close to it), it is British, with a UK Patent Granted. It can legally be fitted to either mains supplies or gravity pipes because and can ‘intelligently’ boost yet not impede existing flows, with no risk of cavitation, or burning out when it runs dry, or when it runs against a closed valve. These are all problems we have solved with this invention and our rivals have not. We have fantastic customer feedback and thousands of customers who found this amazing new solution a brilliant way to solve the age old problem of dribbly taps and showers.

We give a 3 year warranty and a money back guarantee but it will work and it is designed to last a lot longer (even if it should it break down after 3 years spare motors are available from £15 and these can be fitted by the customer in minutes using just a standard screwdriver). The ease and safety of the electrical installation means that you or your plumber should not need to pay to for an electrician.
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We sell a range of pumps so you the customer can customise what you need to suit your needs.
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SPB was awarded best water innovation by Imperial College London at the Institute of Physics in London 2012 and solves your low pressure and flow problem for taps and showers. Do not put up with low water pressure or poor flow, forget big noisy expensive power showers, forget major changes to your pipe work, and forget the high running costs typical of older power shower pumps or shower boosters. Fitting is easy and quick reducing the work a plumber needs to do or for DIY its perfect. It has the lowest running cost of any power shower, and it is so very quiet. More importantly it gives you a really great refreshing shower and amazing improvements in the flow from taps. It can be fitted in minutes for a permanent solution and at a size typically 1/20th the size of normal pumps it can fit anywhere, at any angle, and in any direction, including under floorboards, in the loft, under the bath and will boost water pressure in any pipe.

It is not a power shower but a shower power booster giving a good shower by UK traditional standards achieving results with good science and not big noisy inefficient pumps. Money back guarantee. We sell our pumps by personal word of mouth (and to people who stumble across our web site in the UK and as far afield as Australia) so you may not of heard of it before. We launched the new MK 2 fully automatic version of the pump in December 2013, March 2014 we received a 100% grant from the EU to visit India under a scheme to take energy saving technologies to improve the life of millions.

We sell a range of pumps so you the customer can customise what you need to suit your needs.

The 12 volt pump is brushless with neodymium bearing and has a 3 year replacement parts warranty. The pump can be replaced by simply screwing out the old motor and screwing in a replacement.

Is Water Regulation Compliant to boost water on mains water.

12 hours in Dragons Den studios and 2 hours of grilling by Dragons in the Den and still they get it wrong.

Awards and support received from:-
Imperial College London €40,000 European Institute Of Innovation and Technology Funding
University of East Anglia – £4,000 Norfolk Knowledge Award
Hethel Engineering European Regional Development Fund
Norwich Enterprise Centre ERDF Low Carbon Economic Growth Fund
Websanity Ltd for Shopping Cart and Website Support
Anglian Electronics Ltd providing our electronic circuit boards
Flowflex Components Ltd – Manufacturing and Joint Development

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex.It takes a lot of genius and lots of courage to move in an opposite direction.

Albert Einstein – Scientist (14 March 1879 – 18 April 1955) Albert Einstein