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Customer Testimonials

We have hundreds of positive testimonials and testimony to this truly amazing invention.

How can a small pump do the same thing as bigger pumps? 12 watts vs 350 watts or even 650 watts. The consumer often believes that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is, but I get positive feedback from customers every week.

John Drew wrote the following on Thursday 3rd October 2014.

‘Sometimes things are just too good to be true, however the showerpower booster is not in this league. I cannot say how delighted we have been with the product, so simple and yet so good.

We sell SPB online direct to individuals and plumbers.

Many companies say customer service is paramount but this is often just a sales pitch and many companies who claim this in the plumbing trade score very low with customers. To us we believe we are selling not just pumps but a solution to your problem, and the cost of quality control, product testing, and R&D, exceeds the component costs in making shower power boosters.

We only want to operate in markets long term where we can achieve customer satisfaction and set the price to the favour of the end user, so that shower power booster or variant of the product is better than any of our competitors in the eyes of the customer. Our target is to be the best choice in the eyes of informed end users.

The Brand Ethos is to be:-

Cheaper, better quality, more efficient, better science, quieter, more durable, less likely to go wrong, easier to fit, easier to service, cheaper to service, best after sales service, and sustainable (pumps which can be serviced on site and not changing components to make previous models redundant).

Here are some of testimonials since the Mark 1 shower power booster sold in 2012 but starting with the very latest.

Hi Alan,

Finally got round to installing the SP22S and I just thought I’d drop you a line to say I’m hugely impressed with it. I reckon I’m getting around 10l/min and I was only expecting to get 6 or 7 max. Also love the fact that it’s quiet & economical too.

If it remains as reliable as its performance is impressive – I’ll be a highly delighted customer.


Aug 5th 2016

Note From Inventor:-

We give a 3 year warrantee but if the pumps last 10 years I would not be surprised.
Our earlier pumps are still going strong – 4 years and counting.
Easy to fit and so very efficient – whats not to like.

hi Alan,
just wanted to thank you for making that little pump that has made us the cleanest people in Stanton.
thanks for all your help

16th June 2012

Hi Alan,

Just thought that I would let you know that the pump was fitted last night and it works great!

We ended up putting it in the hot pipe – near the top of the wardrobe adjacent to the shower.

I have recommended your unit to a local plumber who has requested your website details and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to friends and families.

Saved me a lot of money and additional grief!

Thanks again for all your help and advice.

Best Regards

John Holt – 10th May 2013
Derek Travers – April 2013
Hi Alan

Fitted your booster pump today, great little device, very easy to install and great results, client very happy.
Will be recommending it in the future.

Derek Travers
(Dereks Handyman Services)
Paul Carter – April 2013
Hi Alan,

Pump received , installed and working well, thank you !
Mr & Mrs Lane – February 2013
We have a working shower at last. Its saved me hundreds of pounds. The best £85 I have ever spent. A true innovation. I couldn’t be more impressed and will reccommend to anyone with low pressure.Fitted by my son who is a plumber. He was sceptical at first but very impressed with the results. I am sure he will reccomend to future customers.
Arthur Coppin – September 2012
Thanks for the wonderful pump. It does what it needs to.
I fitted a new shower and just could not get enough hot pressure through the non-return valve.
I am glad I found your site and gave it a try.Thank you for inventing it.

Chris Bailey – September 2012
Many thanks. The pump is a super bit of kit
Michael Bagg – September 2012
Received. All working!
Ken – October 2012
I installed the shower pump over the weekend and we have a nice fast shower now
Alan Atkinson – October 2012
Thank you for sending the “Upgraded part”, it is nice to know that “good customer service still exists”
George Bobu – October 2012
The two pumps I did fit them in a large house in Acton London, the pumps are connected to the lights ( the bathroom is facing a wall of the next door house) and it is quite dark most of the day anyway. (I did try the thermal switches but the tend to be to slow…)
They worked very spectacular from the very binging and I did not have any problems

John Littleton – December 2012
Dear Alan
Following our telephone conversation a few weeks ago and a few fruitless attempts to make the Deva Response mixer bar work properly, I had it replaced with a Mira Atom mixer bar which works really well (you could add it to your list). I now get a flow of 3.5 l/m from my gravity fed system without the pumps and 6 l/m with them which I find just right for my showering comfort. I am really pleased that I chose your shower booster solution which is so simple and effective.

James Hunt – April 2013
I received the pump today and fitted it. It works superbly
Henry Dennet – March 2013
Hi Alan,

I got around to fitting the two pumps I bought from you. V. Successful and showers work a treat.
Chris Jones – March 2013

Hi Alan,

Just to let you know the shower pump is installed and works very well. A really neat solution to our problem of low hot water pressure.