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The Wright Choice

The WRight Choice Brand Ethos is to give you the best solution.

I only want to sell products that I would want to buy myself if I had the same objective as my customer – maximum performance at minimum cost (purchase cost, fitting cost, & running costs):
• Shower Heads that work for any and every appliance,
• Shower Hoses which are good enough to be eliminated as the cause of a problem for all customers,
• Shower/tap mixers that are hydraulically efficient, so as to be eliminated as the cause of a problem for all customers,
• Pumps which can be used in multiple combinations to incrementally achieve the desired objective whatever your plumbing system.

I want to treat customers in the same way that if I were a customer I would want to be treated.

As long as you buy a big shower pump (over 20 times bigger than a ShowerPowerBooster), you might have a good shower.

The same good shower can be achieved by selling hydraulically efficient showerheads, hoses, mixers, and a small pump.

Returns & Replacements

Our pumps have a 3-year warranty (2 years for reconditioned pumps)

We exceed the minimum statutory return period of 14 days by offering a 30-day period.

We encourage ShowerPowerBooster customers to trial the product and guarantee a refund even if the pump is returned damaged or marked through installation.

If you buy a second pump upgrade you can return an unwanted second pump upgrade within 60 days of purchasing a new SPB for a full refund. All we ask you to do is pay the £2.80 at your post office to return the unwanted pump to us.

Full terms and conditions are available on our websites.