A Shower Power Booster is a device which enables a good shower with 1/20th the electricity used by a power shower. It has many applications and you can single and double boost. CLICK THE FOLLOWING SOLUTION LINKS FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.


Boosting Solar Thermal
ShowerPowerBooster For Negative Head
Radiator Booster – Makes ‘Lazy’ Radiators Run Hot

Designed for easy fitting without an electrician, this amazing invention gives a quiet, powerful boost to water pressure and flow for showers and taps. Since appearing on Dragons Den, thousands of customers have fitted our new invention, many plumbers and customers have ignored noisy traditional pumps to give our simple permanent solution. SPB boosts gravity systems, boosts electric showers, increases mains pressure. SPB can boost mixed gravity and mains systems,it is the only pump that can boost combination boilers.It can stop a shower running cold when someone runs another tap.

The savings when you fit our booster rather than a power shower can exceed £200 – Drain Tank & Fit Surrey Flange £40 (Not Req SPB) – Additional pipework £40 (Not Req SPB) – Electrician £120 (Not Req SPB). A typical power shower will cost £600 to fit but you can fit our pressure enhancing innovation in 15 minutes yourself.

In gravity systems, a single SPB2B on the hot not only typically triples the pressure and doubles the flow of an upstairs shower, it adds pressure to electric showers and combination boilers. Patent Protected and WRAS Approved, it was awarded Best Water Innovation by Imperial College London at the Institute of Physics in 2012.

To get a good shower you must have a good shower head and hose. We sell the most efficient shower heads and hoses you can buy:-

Add a shower power booster and wow:-

Any plumber can fit a shower power booster but if you would prefer a plumber who has fitted our pumps, before please click on the link below:-

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The reliability of a shower power booster is second to none, with close to 100% customer satisfaction. It is made in the UK, it has WRAS approval. It is a true revolution in pumping efficiencies. This quietest of pump has patents granted in the UK and Australia, where it provides invigorating showers with plenty of water to wash the suds away. Environmentally friendly – 12 watts power consumption – limits flow to 8 litres a minute – saves you money.

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We have hundreds of positive testimonials for this truly amazing invention.

Just a quick note to say thanks for the prompt delivery of my automatic Shower Power Booster and to compliment you on such a great product. It was perfect for my needs, having poor hot water flow and very little space in which to fit a pump in my airing cupboard. I will certainly be recommending this to my friends!
Richard Gloucester


Boost Water Pressure and Flow With The Quietest Of In-Line Shower Pumps 13th June 2015