A Shower Power Booster can be fitted in most places enabling you to install wherever is most convenient. Pumps are supplied with everything you need to install on 22mm or 15mm pipe and it takes just 3 steps to install:

STEP 1 – Select location for pump & isolate the pipe

The diagrams on the solutions pages suggest where is best to install for specific applications. Please ensure that the pipework is isolated and free from water before cutting the pipe.

The Shower Power Booster limits the amount of water taken from the Hot Water Cylinder and can only pump up to 9 litres a minute. Shower Power Boosters do not pull in air and there is no need for a Surrey or Essex Flange and no need to drain the cylinder.

STEP 2 – Remove 115mm of pipe, insert the pump & tighten the compression joints.

Once you have identified the pipe size use reducing sets accordingly. You can use 3/4” imperial olives to install on 3/4” imperial pipe. Inserts must be used when installing on plastic PEX pipe. If there
is little play in the pipes compression slip couplings can be used to enable easy fitting.

Due to the lightweight and compact nature of the pumps they can be fitted unsupported on existing pipework at any angle or orientation.

Do not hold the barrel (white motor) of the pump when install- ing and (if at all), use any jointing compound very sparingly. This can easily get into the pump and block the filter.

STEP 3 – Connect transformer cable to the pump and to a power supply.

Once connected and turned on the LED light on an SP2B will indicate the status of the pump:


Constant LED light = Pump has power

Fast flashing light = Pump has detected water flow and is running

Slow flashing light = Transformer/Trip Fault

Please note:

If you have two pumps connected the LED on one pump will shine solid blue while the LED on the other pump may flash – both pumps will be running. This is because the flow rate in one pump is less than 1.5 Litres a minute.

Shower Power Booster pumps run off a 12-volt power supply, which allows you to install in bathrooms, where traditional 240 volt pumps would not be allowed.


The transformer can be plugged into the nearest convenient 3-pin socket and without the need for an electrician. You can get to sockets up to 15m away from the pump by using our extension cables. Pumps, which only need 15 watts of power, can also run off an electric light circuit.