The Shower Power Booster was invented by Chartered Civil Engineer and hydraulics expert Alan Wright, who has worked in municipal water for 30 years, 25 of which were at Anglian Water. Over the years Alan has designed and worked on many water projects and his expertise was often sought to provide solutions to complex problems.

In his early years, as a reservoir inspector, Alan was impressed by the superb work of Victorian Engineers who understood the physics of water and made things happen without complex electronics. He discovered that the Victorians simply allowed the water to do what it wanted to do and not force it to do something it does not want to do! It is the mix of physics and simplicity which Alan has applied to his invention – the Shower Power Booster.
A result of careful and correct application of science,
the Shower Power Booster is an innovative and unique technology which can transform your showering experience or enhance a dribbly tap, giving the same effect felt from a pump 20 times bigger, using 20 times the electricity to run.
The Shower Power Booster (SP2B) is an award winning, innovative product,
celebrated for its power versus size properties, winning Best Water Innovation by Imperial College London 2012.

WRAS approved and fully factory tested, the pump comes with a 2 or 3 year warranty.

Designed as a retro-fit booster, it uses a safe 12-volt brushless motor, which is highly efficient, fully waterproof, with low friction long-life bearings.It is highly efficient when delivering volumes of water of up to 6.5 litres per minute to a traditional shower head or tap and it can deliver up to 9 litres of blended water for rain showers and bath taps.

The SP2B does not restrict flow so it automatically deactivates itself in the event of high flow rates or in a power cut, meaning your original flow is restored.The Shower Power Booster has been installed in thousands of homes across the UK and beyond since 2012 with excel- lent customer satisfaction.

It comes with a 30 day money back return period so we encourage customers to trial the product and guarantee a refund if you are not fully satisfied.