Solar siphon systems are very common in Cyprus and boosting pre-1995 gravity solar siphon systems could benefit 80% of homes and commercial premises. The population of Cyprus is 1.1 Million (460,000 homes). Markets such as Turkey (population 76 Million), and Greece (11 Million) have similar requirements for the same solar thermal systems. Modifications completed in 2017 make the Shower Power Booster pumps now uniquely suited and the only pumps that are compatible with and will boost water from these solar syphons.

Solar Thermal Tanks Cyprus

Due to the fragility of such systems and the difficulty in achieving reliability in larger pumps the Shower Power Booster is the only option without replacing pipework encased in the fabric of buildings.

Review sent in by Preshant Bajaria 27th February 2017
Solar Thermal Boosted Water – Mumbai India

‘The product made by you is ideal for gravity systems and solar water heaters. Worked seamlessly for the past three years. Very simple and compact design. First even my plumber was not ready to believe that these are pressure pumps but after fitting when I gave him the demo he was convinced. What a wonderful product the SPB is. India is emerging as a country with immense growth potential so please get your pump patented at the earliest and believe me if priced right they will sell like hot cakes.’

The Shower Power Booster started life in 2010 as a means of boosting my solar thermal system in Norwich and since 2014 has boosted solar thermal tanks in many countries including in Mumbai India (see customer review at the end of this post).

A Shower Power Booster is uniquely suited to boosting solar thermal and for many applications the only pump to give a solution.

The SPB will add 3 to 4 metres head to your system which will give you a great boost without over pressurising your system. Many systems are fragile and the 10, 15, and 20 metre boost by a traditional pump will damage your pipework.
The SPB is fully waterproof and can be exposed to wind and rain on a roof top without protection. We advise some shade to protect the pump but no more.
No other pump has been specifically designed to deal with such extreme temperatures. The SPB is able to pump water to 100 degrees centigrade and the electronics are rated to 125 degrees centigrade. The automatic flow switch magnets very slowly demagnetise above 85 degrees centigrade but such extremes in temperature are short lived so we anticipate the automatic sensing to last many years. You can switch to a radio remote control option retrospectively at any time.
The science will not allow a SPB to cavitate or burn out.
In the event of loss of electrical power to the SPB the flow after you fit a SPB  is no less than before you fitted it.

Shower Power Booster Around The World
In the UK the pumps are fitted inside a home. Very high summer water temperatures in the UK mean that the normal 1/3rd cold to 2/3rd hot balance to get a showering temperature of 42 deg C means that we need to boost the hot and the cold.

India, Cyprus, Africa, and Southern Europe
It is normal to find that the only pipes accessible are on the roof and exposed to the weather. The pipework is often galvanised or black plastic.

Despite the cold tanks often being higher than the hot tanks in these countries we still consider boosting the hot and cold to be the optimum solution.

As a result of market research trips and customer comments we:-
1.0 Raised the temperature resistance of or electronic circuitry to 125 deg C
2.0 Manufactured an adaptor such that the SPB is compatible with a 3/4 inch screw thread specifically to allow connection to all of the pipes commonly used in solar thermal rooftop installations.
3.0 Added a filter upstream of the pump to catch debris often created in solar thermal systems.

To purchase your SPB for solar thermal applications you will need to email Alan Wright on Fully automatic and radio remote controlled options are available with discounted offers including free conversion fittings and waterproof boxes for your transformer.