We have many reviews which praise how quiet the pumps are and then we get customers who find that in their particular situation the noise is a problem. We are happy to talk you through solutions but here are a few things to consider.There are a number of things you [...]

Connecting ShowerPowerBooster To Pipes

I have today received an email from a Mark Hayton who has bought a SP22S for his property in Sicily. For anyone who finds this page through searching for a 22mm Male to 3/4 inch Female Adaptor then this can be bought in the UK so look no further. [...]

Pressure Problems In Electric Showers

A single ShowerPowerBooster fitted on the 15mm feed to an electric shower can stop an electric shower running cold when the pressure drops. SP2B - Fully Automatic Shower Power Booster Pump Is your Electric Shower Faulty? An electric shower is designed to cut the power if the [...]

Shower Power Booster – Fitting Without Leaks

A Shower Power Booster should not leak if installed correctly. Like most amateur DIY fitters and many plumbers I myself use PTFE tape or Jointing Compond which aids to a good seal.There should be no need to use PTFE tape or Jointing Compond For some jointing systems the PTFE or [...]

Pumps Will Not Turn Off

I received this request for assistance from Simon on the 8th September 2018. There is a trouble shooting guide on the web site which will deals with this and all issues. Link To Fault Finding Guide Rather than just refer Simon to the 'Fault Finding Guide' I am happy to [...]

Mains Water Booster Pumps

Water companies can reduce leakage by reducing pressure in a 'zone' but they also have an obligation to supply water to you home at a minimum pressure of 1 bar (10 metres head).For many homes which may have experienced high pressures between 2 and 3 bars it may come as [...]

The WRightChoice Water Pressure Testing Kit

Perhaps you already have a good pressure, but your electric shower or combination boiler may simply be faulty, you may have a blockage in a shower mixer, there could be an air lock, or your service pipe to your home may be inadequate. The WRightChoice Pressure Testing Kit will give [...]

Boosting pressure and flow from a Combination Boiler

A Shower Power Booster is the only pump you can fit on the hot side of a combination boiler. Our patented design protects both the pump and the combination boiler from harm. If a shower or tap is a long way from a combination boiler - boost it with a [...]