For some customers the right plumber is you. We have designed the pumps for easy DIY and you should have everything in the box to do the job (the record claimed by a 85 year old man in Norfolk is 8 minutes to fit a pump).

For those who who would prefer to use a plumber you can expect a one hour minimum call out charge instead of up to 4 hours to fit a traditional pump.

There may be time involved in getting a power supply but most customers simply plug the transformer into an existing socket. The 3 metre long low voltage extension leads we sell can get you to an existing 3-pin power socket up to 15 metres away so fitting under baths and in a loft is easy.

The WrightChoice micro pumps offer simple solutions to big problems and can achieve the same results as much more expensive solutions. We have thousands of customers with close to 100% customer satisfaction and a money back guarantee so if it does not work for you we will collect the pump from your home and give you a full refund.