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Retrofit Electric Shower Booster

A single shower power booster SP2B will stop an electric shower shutting down because the mains pressure is too low or the pressure fluctuates when someone in your house or your neighbour turns a tap on. A ShowerPowerBooster can legally boost the cold feed to an electric shower in [...]

The WRight Choice of shower heads and shower hoses

The WRightChoice brand ethos is to give you the best solution, even if that solution is simply to change the shower head and hose rather than fit a pump. We sell the best shower heads and hoses to achieve this. We only sell products that we would want to [...]

Water Regulations Guide UK (including Water Bylaws 2000 Scotland)

It is legal to boost the mains supply and mains water pipes within a property in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, but only subject to very strict provisions. Fitting a single or double boost Shower Power Booster is legal. Negative pressures within the water service feeding you property which [...]

ShowerPowerBooster Fault Finding -All Models

Shower Power Booster pumps are very reliable and have no inbuilt obsolescence so they last many years. When they do stop sensing flow, or stop performing as well as they did, the led light on an automatic SPB will flash or not flash, and the pump will behave in a [...]

Boost Pressure & Flow to Taps and Showers in Gravity Systems

Made in Britain, ShowerPowerBooster can add 3 or 4 metres pressure head to your tap or shower and improve flow and performance of your tap or shower (better than moving your cold header tank from the loft to the roof apex). There are 2 basic choices of where to [...]

ShowerPowerBooster Quick Pump Selector

The Solutions page should help you find the pump you need. Gravity Hot and Gravity Cold A SP2B - Fully Automatic Shower Power Booster Pump is for: Upstairs Wall Mounted Showers Upstairs Taps Gravity Hot and Gravity Cold A SP22S - Two Fully Automatic Shower Power Booster Pumps [...]