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Which Pump To Buy
Applications Gravity System/Electric-Showers/Combination Boilers/Boosting/Incoming Mains Pressure/Other Applications
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Which Pump To Buy
ShowerPowerBooster Quick Pump Selector
Shower Power Booster Pump Selection Charts – Scroll down For Gravity, Electric, and Combi Boilers
Pump Selection Chart

ShowerPowerBooster Applications
Gravity & Mixed Gravity/Mains Systems
Boost Pressure & Flow to Taps and Showers in Gravity Hot and Gravity Cold Systems
Boosting Showers and Taps in Houses of Multiple Occupation – Gravity Hot & Cold Supply
Boosting Pressure & Flow to Taps and Showers in Gravity Hot & Mains Cold Systems
Shower Power Booster Will Boost a Rain Shower.
Boost a Single Shower or Tap – Gravity Hot & Cold Supply
Shower Power Booster Will Boost a Rain Shower.

Electric Showers & Combination Boilers
Retrofit Electric Shower Booster
Increase The Pressure From A Combination Boiler
Increase The Pressure To A Combination Boiler
Increase Pressure to or from a Combination Boiler

Boosting Incoming Mains Pressure
Low Mains Water Pressure Booster
Improve Your Water Mains Pressure
Salamander Home Boost vs Shower Power Booster

Other Applications
Boosting a Junkers Bosch Gas Heater
Boosting Megaflo and other fully pressurised systems

ShowerPowerBooster Can Boost Solar Thermal

ShowerPowerBooster Fault Finding -All Models
I have just fitted my SPB but the flow is still poor?
Check Your Mixer Specification – Have You Mixer Which Only Works in High Pressure European Countries?
Customer Loyalty Scheme For Those That Have Pumps Over 3 Years Old

The many positions that a Shower Power Booster Can be Fitted
SPB pumps can be fitted wherever it is easiest to fit them.
How To Install a pump in the Loft
Shower Power Booster Wiring Diagrams
ShowerPowerBooster Flow Output Curves
Why is a ShowerPowerBooster So Quiet
The WRight Choice of shower heads and shower hoses
ShowerPowerBooster Radiator Booster
Shower Power Booster, Shower Heads and Shower Hoses
Early and Current Versions Of The SPB
Improving Pressure & Flow to Taps and Showers in Gravity Systems
Double Boosting Hot & Cold
Boosting Megaflo and other fully pressurised systems
How to get Auto when the flow is less than 1.8 litres a minute
How Do I Know Which Pipe To Fit A Shower Power Booster
Increase Pressure and Flow To A Shower – Gravity System – Working Example
How To Decide Where To Put A Shower Booster In An Airing Cupboard
Manual Switching

Technical Related Topics
How a Shower Power Booster Gives The Same Flow and Output as Bigger Pumps
Shower Power Booster Technical Specification
How the SPB Flow Switch Works
ShowerPowerBooster Flow Output Curves
ShowerPowerBooster For Large Commercial Buildings
Best Mixer Showers
What is a good shower?
Shower Pumps Explained
What is the Cost Of A Bath Or A Shower?
Water Regulations Guide UK (including Water Bylaws 2000 Scotland)
Electrical Health & Safety
Rules For Local Authority, Housing Association and Private Landlord Tenants
A Good Shower Head Is Very Important

General Interest
Alan Wright, Shower Power Booster, The Story So Far
Shower Power Booster – International Sales

Increasing Pressure and Flows in Gravity Systems
Quiet In-Line Power Boost Shower Pump For Taps and Showers Solves Low Water Pressure.

Shower Power Booster Videos

Save money by switching to Shower Power Booster
Shower Power Booster At Green Build
New Product Photos & Videos With i101digital
Pump Selection and Fitting Videos
Customer Loyalty Scheme For Those That Have Pumps Over 3 Years Old
Rainwater Harvesting Update
Why is my pump noisy?
How to be an eco warrior and still smell nice
A Day for Web Site Maintenance
ShowerPowerBooster Buy Local Norfolk Offer
Latest Model Of Shower Power Booster
Negative Head Pumps
Spare Pumps and Accessories
Rainwater Harvesting
Reliability & Peace of Mind
Enhanced Plumbers & Fitters Registration Scheme
Hello to ShowerPowerBooster
Shower Power Booster Welcomes Brendan McGrath To Shower Power Booster
Fitting A Hot Water Pump
What is the cost of a shower?
Measuring Water Pressure
Weak Water Pressure In Showers
How To Raise A Cold Water Tank
Heavy Rain Is Too Much Of A Good Thing
Boosting Gravity Hot When Your Cold is Mains Pressure
Fitting Shower Pumps Under A Bath
Boost Low Water Pressure In Your House
Boost Low Water Pressure In Your House
Rainwater Harvesting – Product Development
Rainwater Harvesting
Rain Water Harvesting – Brilliant Success
Home Of The Future – Skirting Board Radiators
Flow Output Through a Shower Head – Traditional Power Shower Pump
CIPHE Awards Ceremony 2016
Shower Power Booster at Royal Norfolk Show 29th & 30th June
The WRightChoice Welding Machine That Will Make WRightChoice Solar Panels
WRight Choice Solar Panels Breakthrough
Istanbul – Turkey
Home Of The Future
Why is Buying an Electric VW Golf like the Monty Python Cheese Shop Sketch
Exhibitions & Visits 2015
The WRight Shower Heads, Hoses, and Mixers
You can get a better shower and save money
Customer Support Visits January 2015
2015 – Priorities are: Innovation Innovation Innovation!
Progress – 2014
Shower Power Booster SP2
High Temperature capability to be introduced as standard for automatic pumps
Choose The Right Plumber For You
India Photos
Wednesday 26th – Jamnanger
25th March – Travel Ahmedabad to Jamnagar
24th March – Ahmedabad
23rd March – Travel Agra to Delhi to Ahamdabad
22nd March – Taj Mahal: Agra
21st March – Delhi & Travel To Agra
20th March – Sadar Bazar
19th March – Delhi & Gurgaon
18th March – Delhi
17th March – Travel Norwich to Delhi
Preparing For India
India Visas Applied For
India Project 2014
In Line Shower Pump Fitted Under Bath
Investment Programme
India – New Market
30th January
23rd January
22nd January – Post Christmas Rush
15th January
Product Development
3rd December 2013
28th November
23rd November – Priorities Change
19th November – Need a rest
New Shower Power Booster – Update
6th November – Stock Arrives and New Reconditioned Pumps Marketed
28th October – Made In Britain
17th October
9th October
5th October – Hits On Web Site
Price Changes – 1st October
Progress On New Fully Automatic Flow Switch
27th September
24th September
20th September – Pumps Stuck At Customs
16th September – Dragons Den
Shower Booster Production Plans Post Dragons Den.
Thursday 12th September
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Automatic On/Off Flow Switch
Delay – Sad But True
Fitting a pump under a bath.
Solution To Shower Pumps That Drag in Air
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