The only place you cannot install a Shower Power Booster is before the vent pipe. Installing a pump before the vent pipe will result in you pumping hot water into your cold water tank and not to a tap or shower. Diagrams on the previous pages show where to install to boost either the whole house or a specific feed.

Before installing the pump you need to determine which pipe is heading to the cold water tank and which is heading for the outlet you want to boost. You can establish this by turning on the tap or shower you want to boost and feel which pipe gets hot. The vent pipe is the pipe going to the cold water tank and the hot water supply will be the hottest pipe.

You may find that the hottest pipe is the vent pipe heading up towards the cold water tank. If this is the case it means there is a gravity hot supply feeding of the vent pipe in another location, usually the loft. There is no problem installing in the loft, but make sure you fit the pump to the hottest pipe and the pipe which is only feeding the outlet you want to boost.

You are welcome to use plumbers mate and tape but bear in mind that this should be used sparingly and must not be used on the 22mm screw threads as this will prevent the nuts compressing properly. The water seal is created by compressing the olives and not by sealing the screw threads.