See below answers to some of our most common problems.

You can reconfigure the wiring on Automatic pumps so that instead of relying on the flow switch, pumps are activated by the power supply.

You can activate a power supply by turning on a three pin plug socket, using a radio remote or by wiring in to a lighting circuit.

Air trapped in the pipework between the hot water cylinder and the shower or tap can reduce the flow significantly. If the hot pipe near the cylinder rises into the loft, across and down to the outlet, then an ‘inverted U’ is created and a column of air will be trapped in the loft with no means of venting it. The solution is to tee the pipe into the vent pipe in the loft and fit the Shower Power Booster there. See Diagram 10.1

There are other pipe configurations that can trap air. Plug the transformer directly into the white motor and remove the shower head to maximise the flow. The increased flow may allow the water to push the air all the way to a shower hose or fully opened tap.

If the pump runs and you have a continuous flashing light, pauses with a constant blue light, then runs and the blue light starts flashing again – you have got trapped air.

If there is insufficient water reaching the tap, then it will drain the water from the vent pipe until it runs out of water. When it has run out of water, the pump will spin quickly and the pumping efficiency will drop. This can allow the incoming water to ‘catch up’ and re-prime the pump – the pump commences to pump in water again, this can be identified by a lower tone from the pump. As soon as it exhausts the water supply the process repeats.

The fault can lie in not turning on the shut-off valve after the pump is fitted, a faulty shut-off valve, or sediment in the hot water cylinder which is blocking flow, or air in the pipe work between the cold tank and the hot water cylinder. To confirm this fault, allow a pipe to discharge water freely and note the maximum flow.

The main reason for pulsing is either air or back pressures caused by a small bore shower hose or inefficient shower head. Take off the shower head and if this solves it try one of our WRIGHTCHOICE  shower heads and hoses.

Mixers react to hot water reaching the mixer by opening up the cold port. Some mixers react too slowly and open up the cold port too much and the hot port too much so it cycles hot and cold, high flow low flow. It might also be the anti scald feature on many mixers and the hot water you have is just too hot.

Turn the temperature on the hot down and it might just fix it or install a second automatic pump (SP2U) on the cold to balance pressures.


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